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VIDEO: Azzopardi Racing fuel injector flow test

Leonard from Azzopardi Racing was upgrading a turbo Hayabusa for a client and stumbled across an interesting piece of information that we had to share

The installed Blackbirds injectors should’ve flowed over 350cc/minute. As a comparison, stock Hayabusa injectors flow 280cc/minute, and the popular S2000 flow 440cc/minute.

The attached video shows that the stock Hayabusa injectors and the alleged Blackbird injectors flowed similar amounts while the S2000 injectors almost filled the beakers.

In this case, the alleged Blackbird injectors couldn’t keep up with a stock Hayabusa, and obviously aren’t Blackbird. To the naked eye, the Blackbird and Gen 1 Hayabusa injectors are identical. We’re sure that this isn’t the first set that were mistakenly sold as Blackbird injectors. Probably won’t be the last, either. be careful what you purchase people!

Having this level of machinery in the workshop (as well as the knowledge to use it and understand the results), is one more reason why we choose to be a part of the Azzopardi Racing team.